Stacey Hetherington
AKA Stacey Whitaker Hetherington
Martin County, Florida

Stacey gave a man's companies the majority of her campaign money, then he helped her buy a condo.

Over $63,000 of Stacey's 2018 campaign money went to Roger Pennington's two companies: Direct Mail Systems and Southern Campaign Resources. Months later, Roger Pennington gave her a $150,000 "mortgage" for her condo.

It was probably hard to get a loan from a bank considering her Palm City home was going into foreclosure.

According to Stacey's most recent financial disclosure, she hasn't made any payments to Pennington for the $150,000 loan after nearly three years.

Pennington is a Tallahassee political operative. Jacqui Thurlow-Lippisch has information about him on her website and how he's had his hand in Martin County elections before:

So far Stacey has paid Direct Mail Systems $10,469.67 of her campaign money in 2022. This can be viewed in her Campaign Finance Reports. (#5 & #6). Expect to a lot more of her campaign money go to this company in the next month.

Direct Mail Systems has been investigated by the FBI.    Roger Pennington Violated Florida Election Laws     Article on Pennington the Lobbyist and Consultant

A man who contracts with Martin County also helped Stacey buy her condo

In fact, it wasn't just Roger Pennington that put up the money for Stacey's condo. Don Mancil, owner of businesses that contract with Martin County gave Stacey a $143,000 "mortgage" for her condo as well. So Stacey was able to purchase her condo with zero money down and have it fully financed by two men, a Tallahassee political operative and a man who contracts with the county.

Mancil, of Mancil's Tractor Service which has a history of contracting with the county and is now a subsidiary of C.W. Roberts Contracting, Inc., a big Tallahassee road contractor. This company currently has at least two contracts totaling $17 million with Martin County.
Infrastructure Construction & Maintenance Contract
Roadway Resurfacing Contract

More information is coming! This goes deep and the research is being done.

According to Stacey's required financial disclosures, these "loans" are no interest and no payments have been made. So Stacey got $293,000 in "loans" from two well connected men which she hasn't paid anything back and doesn't have any interest accruing. Why would this longtime Tallahassee lobbyist & political operative and a Martin County contractor put up all this money? What's in it for them? Stacey says they're her friends. Must be nice to have friends like that. Would they put up all that money if she wasn't a county commissioner?

Stacey is "employed" by Ferreira Construction, a New Jersey company which has several contracts with Martin County. They have paid her over $275,000 since 2018!

According to Stacey's past four state required financial disclosures, Ferreira Construction has paid Stacey $278,987.61 from 2018 to 2021.
2018 Financial Disclosure
2019 Financial Disclosure
2020 Financial Disclosure
2021 Financial Disclosure

Ferreira Construction currently has at least seven contracts with Martin County totaling well over $16 million.

Here are just some of the contracts Ferreira currently has (direct link to Martin County's website):
Phipps Park Renovations Phase II
Marine Contracting
Savannas Preserve South Savannas Weir
Infrastructure Construction & Maintenance
Bridge Construction & Maintenance
Emergency Dune Restoration

This is not all of the current contracts. Research is still being done about current and past contracts. This also runs very deep.

The Ferreira family is also a big donor to her campaign which can be seen in her 2022 campaign finance reports.

Mortgage Fraud? Homestead Exemption Fraud?

Stacey claims a homestead exemption on her Stuart Condo. Mortgage documents show her Palm City home is her residence. Where do you live, Stacey? Florida law says that commissioners must reside in the district that they represent. Stacey's Palm City home is not in the district she represents. The Stuart condo that Roger Pennington put up the money for is.

How can Stacey tell her mortgage company that her Palm City home is her residence but then tell the Martin County Property Appraiser that her Stuart condo is her residence?

Stacey advertised her homesteaded condo for rent on Facebook. When asked if it was for rent month to month, Stacey commented it was only for season. Renting a homesteaded property for more than 30 days in a year is against the law and is homestead fraud. You can compare the listing and pictures she posted with the pictures from the original listing before she purchased the condo. The screenshots are proof no matter how much she denies she did this. The direct link to the Facebook was here. Stacey recently deleted the post after it was exposed on this website. Good thing it was saved to show the public. Here are saved screen shots from the original real estate listing in case the linked one gets taken down. - Redfin - Zillow - Movoto

She was sued for not paying her credit card debt after she was elected

Stacey didn't pay her credit card bill and the bank sued her in Martin County Court. This was after she was elected to the Martin County Commission.

The majority of Stacey's campaign money comes from out of the county.

As of August 18, 2022, Stacey has collected over $108,000 in campaign contributions with the majority coming from individuals and businesses from outside of Martin County with much of that from out of the state. Real estate and construction are her biggest donors!

You can follow all the money here:

Campaign Finance Report 1 from Supervisor of Elections

Campaign Finance Report 2 from Supervisor of Elections

Campaign Finance Report 3 from Supervisor of Elections

Campaign Finance Report 4 from Supervisor of Elections

Campaign Finance Report 5 from Supervisor of Elections

Campaign Finance Report 6 from Supervisor of Elections

Campaign Finance Report 7 from Supervisor of Elections

Campaign Finance Report 8 from Supervisor of Elections

Campaign Finance Report 8 from Supervisor of Elections (Amended)

Campaign Finance Report 9 from Supervisor of Elections

Stacey recently lied to TCPalm and said she had never voted for a mask mandate when in fact she voted for mandates twice.

"Every decision that I will ever make will be based on what's best for me" - Stacey Hetherington - July 26, 2022

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Martin County Clerk of Court - Official Records
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Florida Department of State - Division of Corporations
Florida Commission on Ethics
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